A whole bunch of Feature Requests

Hey devs! This is a great Online Map Making Tool and I am eager to see where it goes.

Some feature requests right off the bat:

  1. Split Tool
  2. Join Tool
  3. More Standard Colours
  4. Colour Pallette for Custom Colours
  5. After I select a vertex on a line then delete it, it should automatically select the next vertex
  6. Object snap. It would be good to be able to on/off this and also have a visual indicator that it is snapping if its on.
  7. Right now I can hold shift to select multiple features. It would be great if instead it was “Control” to individually select multiple features and “Shift” that was used to allow me to select multiple subsequent features all at once (kinda like how MS Excel and Windows Explorer works). It would be nice if this also worked for Groups.
  8. When I shift click a group it should only select/deselect the layer and not expand/unexpand it
  9. The ability to hold control and deselect a feature in case I accidentally select it.
  10. Should be able to hold control and select/deselect multiple features on the map.
  11. Move to New Group should give me the capability to name the group immediately in a message box
  12. Sort capabilities on groups (alphanumeric, visibility) plus ability to have sort off/on.
  13. Allow Sub-Groups and Parent Groups
  14. Nice if we could see stats of a feature (length) add descriptions/comments, or other attributes
  15. Short cut key to edit a feature. For example, select a feature, then press E to start editing
  16. When I add a new marker, it should automatically go into Edit mode right on insertion.
  17. Ability to add attributes to groups (that can then be sorted by and filtered by)
  18. Icon size is currently sized as a fixed % of the screen size. It would be nice if this size could be locked to size when zooming out past a certain point (say for example 2% until zoom level 10). Or the ability to make features invisible outside of certain zoom ranges (that would be a good thing to add at the group level).
  19. To see the label for a marker currently, you must click on the map. It would be nice if you could turn labels on/off for all features in a sub-group, or make it a feature attribute that you can bulk change the attribute of.
  20. How it looks as public shared map doesn’t look quite as polished and professional as would be nice. (It still kinda looks like its in edit mode).
  21. When I have multiple features selected and I click and drag to move them all to say another group, it only moves the one I clicked rather than them all (I know you can get around this using the other group move tool, and that is useful a lot, but sometimes doing it the way I describe would be easier).


Hi @waves,

I’ve just had time to properly read through all your suggestions. You are suggesting some nice features which we’ll probably implement in the future. Now it’s a bit hard to discuss so many of these futures in one thread, the forum works better if you create threads or join other threads about a given issue.

For this thread, maybe you could say which are the 3 most important features from your list, what you believe could contribute the most to MapHub.

While this is not the data-driven feature which will be added one day, I’ve implemented a basic feature which allows you to add hidden data to the description field and use that for filtering. You can read more about it here: