Tags, tagline, labels?

Hi. i have a question, is there any furure plans of implementing a system for tags or labels ?
For a refined search through all all item in all created groups.

Something like this scenario:
You have a map with restaurants where you put them in separate groups, burgers in one group, pizza in another group, pasta, vegetarian and so on, every type in its own group.
But then you may want to filter through all groups for places where the type of food is less important and other things could be more important at the moment.
Like this: has the place a toilet, is it dog friendly, has it chairs for kids, playground, strong drinks, etc.

I think some kind of system for tags or labels could be a really good thing. :smile:
A quickly made picture to show what i am talking about, some kind of tag/label for each item and some way to use the filter item for them

best regards jocke


Hello Jocke,

I’m also like your idea about tags and would really love to see a way to more categorize items.

A suggestion I made some time ago, was to assign more groups to one item. So it would be possible to use the group system to categorize.
Like a restaurant that is assigned to a group of pizza places but also in a group of restaurants with for example children playgrounds.

Assigning one item to more groups, is a tricky one as Zsolt mentioned.
As for tags it could be easier, but I think its difficult for users to anticipate which tags are existing.
Or do you have an idea how user could easily see which tags are available?

greetings, Michel


I would also love for items to be easily copied into other groups. I find myself slightly annoyed whenever I have to duplicate a place myself in the same spot just so I can add it to another group.


Hi guys,
just collected some threads regarding this:

This one was starting about “groups in groups”, but the end is regarding categorizing / data driven maps / and also “tags”

Quote from thread below:
“17. - Ability to add attributes to groups (that can then be sorted by and filtered by)”

And in the end the thread I created regarding “assigning groups”


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Not really, i am not the best designer. :wink:
But if i give it a try, something like in my image in this post, below the filterbox, some kind of box where the tags that are used in the map are showed and if you press one or more of them only places on the map that includes the specific tags will be visible.
The box/area for the tags should be responsive and you more tags you have the bigger the box get.
Personally i think i would be just fine with five tags/labels or perhaps only three, but others may have bigger use of more tags/labels.

best regards Jocke

Sounds good, if the tags are presented, it would also solve my “assigning more groups to one item” case.
Me and Lucy we wouldn’t need to filter/tag via groups :slight_smile:

Actually the tab section for “ITEM” is not used in the panel.
I tried to create an example, that also tackles a bit the thematic about “groups in groups” and more layers. But integrated into a tag system.

(If u click a tag and there are beta tags available[*], the betas will be shown in the down part of the panel. Choosing a ‘beta tag’ will add it to the ‘main tag’-area and opens available beta tags II for this beta tag I. So you can have more layers)

But it’s just a tiny front end piece i guess :slight_smile: how you add them and how it all works, is pretty sure a big task. Nevertheless, I like the idea about tagging really much.


removed “available on the item,”

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Did you know when you select multiple items (by pressing Shift), you can copy them to a new group? Does that help?

Thanks for sharing your insights into this, and also for looking up the reference forum posts. It’s especially these kind of discussions which will help me design a good user interface for groups-in-groups / tags / data-driven-maps. I need to see most cases so I can come up with a UI which is both easy to use and works for a wide range of uses.

I can say that this will be implemented in the future version of Maphub. Right now the priority is team collaboration and releasing the stable version. This UI change will come after that.


While this is not the data-driven feature which will be added one day, I’ve implemented a basic feature which allows you to add hidden data to the description field and use that for filtering. You can read more about it here:

Beautiful Zsolt, absolutely beautiful. :slight_smile:

best regards Jocke


I agree on that :slight_smile:

Very nice Update!