Visible scroll bar + assigning groups

Hi Zsolt,

the integration of custom icons, groups, simplify map zoom and the rezising pop-up window (scrolling) made MapHub really easy to use on mobile phones, GREAT JOB! Thank you!

  • One thing I noticed: The “scrolling bar” inside a pop-up window is by default not visible, its fading in and out when you click or scroll inside the window.
    If you don’t know that there is more text to read, you don’t anticipate that you can scroll down.

  • and a second thing I would really appreciate: Assigning different groups to one item.

Many greetings from Berlin,

Hi Michel,

Yes, I agree that “read more” or an always visible scrollbar should be much more visible for those popups which contain longer pieces of text.

Assigning different groups to one item is tricky, but I have an idea about how to solve it. But this is quite a specialised need and is not the highest priority right now, so it might take a while to see a good solution for this.

Nice, I’m happy that you are open for this request and already have an idea how to implement it.

Time doesn’t matter, good things take a while :slight_smile:

While this is not the data-driven feature which will be added one day, I’ve implemented a basic feature which allows you to add hidden data to the description field and use that for filtering. You can read more about it here:

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The “read more” button looks good and works really smooth and intuitive.