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I think that even though we are a small community, maybe it’d be interesting to see what kind of maps we are creating in MapHub.

In this thread, feel free to share any public maps you created! (+maybe a few words if you’d like). Just paste the map url and the forum will make it into a nice thumbnail.

Creating a continuous line while using the navigation keys
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Here is my paragliding meteo map, where I collected all the common paragliding start places in the part of Europe where I usually fly with my paraglider. I used different satellite maps to zoom in and find the exact start location. I’m using GPX export from that map to automatically generate the following website.

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(Joakim Sjöberg) #4

Here is my first map that is public and showed to others.
It contains places with LPG/Gasol and it aims for people with motorhomes.
At this state its kind of a rollercoaster as i am experimenting with different solutions and have not make any solid decisions for anything, but the big things start to settle i think, at least at the moment. :wink:

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Thank you for sharing your map, now I totally understand what you meant by tagging / non-group based filtering and why would it be useful for this map.

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(Neil Fox) #6

Here is my map created for my Facebook Group, The North Coast 500.
An incredibly popular tourist trail in Scotland.

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Comments on how I could improve my map appreciated.

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Hi Neil, that’s a beautiful map! I lived in Scotland for 4 years, but I’ve never traveled north of Cairngorms, one day I really want to return there and make this tour!

Now about improving the map, the only tiny recommendation I’d make is to order the items inside the groups, such that if a user clicks them one-by-one, they go in an order (for example clockwise), and not in a zig-zag line, because then the map “jumps” a bit too much. But this is just a tiny remark it’s really nice as it is!


Hi guys,
I’m working on a project to raise some awareness about the way we use online maps these days to find local businesses. Like using map services as Google Maps and their not really well-known ‘local ranking’ mechanism.
Advertising- and ranking mechanism awareness are more and more part of our critical thinking while we surf the internet. That critical thinking doesn’t seem to apply on using map services like Google Maps.
So I try to tackle this, by presenting an idea of an alternative approach. I used the case of searching for bars and pubs.
And Maphub made it possible for me to start creating my own bar and pub map and offer a different experience. With no advertising, ranking(SEO) and reviews :slight_smile:

(Nico Vadøy) #12

I am a supporter of the fotball team Borussia Dortmund (BVB) from Germany.
I lived outside Germany since I am a teenager and I always thought it was difficult to find other like minded supporters. Thats what I created the map for.
To show all official and unofficial BVB supporterclubs around the world.
It grew more and more, and now there are many different locations related to Borussia Dortmund.

(Andreu) #13

I live in the Balearic Islands (Spain) and I am fond of looking for ancient natural water sources.
On the map (imported KML) by clicking on a globe a window with the name of the source and a photograph is opened; clicking on the photograph opens an external link to the detailed file of the source.
This map is a small area.
I am in the experimental phase with MAPHUP waiting for the final version, at the moment I like it!

(May) #14

Good morning,
I am sooooo happy to have found your site. It’s is great! We are a selfhelp group of people with Parkinson’s Disease in Germany and came up with the idea to gather POIs related to PD in the country. There is not much to see yet, but you can see the structure. Looking forward to feedback. Also, we are a group of 3 people who will be feeding the map. Is there a possibility for us to have separate profiles for the same account?
PD map