Saving Issues : progress not saved and data loss

Hello MapHub community, thanks for the hard work!

First of all, I have checked the forum for saving issues and the newest one was written on May. Here I put the links for these posts (there are other two posts that are related but as I am new in this forum I can only share 2 links):

…they are not active right now :stuck_out_tongue:

Tonight I was adding some new points and editing a line. I clicked “save” and when the browser refreshed the lines I had in the map disappeared, the GROUP classification also was erased and icons I have created where also erased from the server. Fortunately no written info was lost.

I re made the GROUPS, re added the missing Icons, clicked “saved”, and again, no changes where saved.

I am working on this map with a friend so we use the same login info. I just checked with him and he was offline while I was editing the map and had this strange data loss. Any ideas on this? Can this be happening because of multiple users?

Thanks for reading and hope this helps to fix these issues.

Same here. My map is private, and I’m the only user.
My custom icons disappeared. The points of interests are saved, but now all are with the same, boring icon: the blue pin.

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I am having the same problem. I build a map, create lines, save, and they disappear.
I really need all the lines for the routes for my site Hertfordshire Walker which has 106 maps that people are using on a regular basis.

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I am also having the same problem.
There would be any chance of restoring the information using a system backup?

Hi, thanks for letting me know. This is caused by a bug in the most recent release done on Saturday night, I’ve reverted to the last good version and now I’m restoring all maps from the backup.

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The good data has been restored, I’m very sorry for the inconvenience!

Thank you so much!!!

:star_struck: thanks

Thank you very much! My custom icons are back.

Hey, please would yo help me, yesterday I deleted my whole map by accident!! I don’t know if you you know how I can restore my maps please.

Hi @pcsb124 and welcome to the forum. Did you accidentally click “Delete Map” and “Confirm” on My Maps page?