Edits to Line not Saving

I clicked the arrows to edit a line I had made, and then edited it how I wanted. But when I clicked on save, after the map reloaded, the changes hadn’t taken effect. This hasn’t happened before on that line or any other line on that map. Is there a fix for this?


Hi Elbarto and welcome to the forum.

This shouldn’t happen. Can you check what happens if you click the arrows again to finish editing, and only then you click save?

The edits I made that time still won’t save. I should also add that it’s only some edits that don’t save, most do. The things that sometimes don’t save are the new points created by dragging the midpoints, if that helps.

@elbarto thanks for the report, it really shouldn’t happen. What browser are you using? Also did you try clicking the arrows icon before clicking save?

I’m using Chrome. It still “deletes” my new points after clicking save. You’re welcome