Question about displaying some points only

First of all, thank you very much for the great service! I had a few months looking for a solution, and here it is. more than just satisfied! :slight_smile:
one question, is there any option to display 1 point of the whole map?

For example, if the map has 100 points, and I want to share this map on different pages of my site, showing specific POI in each page, is it possible?

Thanks a lot!

Hi @EcoDominicana and welcome to the forum,

Can you explain a bit more about your idea? Are you looking for an embed in a website? Like a different embed for all the different pages?

I want to use 1 map, but have an option to visualize different points when embedding on different pages of my site.

For example, Points 1-23 on page X.
Points 24-40 on page Y.
Using the same map.

Or probably something like a direct link to specific point when embedding. Or the only way is make some points visible, and disable the rest > embed, am I right?


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This request is one particular case of the suggestion I made here:

Zsolt mentioned that he has it on his ‘todo’ list.

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@EcoDominicana the embeds are always the same state, so if you “disable the rest”, then the other pages will be wrong. Why don’t you make multiple maps, is there anything wrong with it?

Yes, this will be the proper solution in the future. Right now map versions and collaborative editing are the major tasks I’m working on, these will have to come later on.

Yes, it’s a good tip, I will be going this route, thanks :fire: