New feature suggestion: Use URL parameters to specify on/off groups in embedded maps


I want to embed different versions of the same map on different web pages. The excellent Group facilities almost makes this easy, but I can’t see a way to specify which groups will be visible in the embed code. Have I missed something? If not, I’d like to suggest that you add a feature to process URL parameters something like:
and generate a parameter like that in the Embed code listing the groups that are hidden ehen the Embed code is produced.


(Zsolt Ero) #2

Hi Georgio,

The group visibility state is saved with the map. If you save the map with some groups hidden, they’ll also be hidden in the embed code. So just make sure you save the map in the state you’d like it to be visible and then it’ll look the way you want.



Hi Zsolt,

Thanks for that suggestion. But as I understand it that involves making a copy of the map (via a GeoJSON down/upload) for each of the views I want to embed. That’s not exactly what I’m asking for because after making such a copy two separate maps will have to be edited each time an update is required. With more than two views that would soon become unworkable.
So I think my feature request is still a valid one.