New feature suggestion: Sharing items between groups

Hi Zsolt,

We’re still finding MapHub invaluable for the cycle campaigning work we do - many thanks again for developing it.

In this map we wanted to place some markers, images and lines in more than one group. But we had to copy them because there isn’t a way to make a ‘link’ to an item that already exists. Copying items sort of works, but of course the copied items don’t change after the original is edited.

This request is a little bit similar to the one for sharing different views of maps that I made a while ago because they are both aimed at avoiding the need for copying, which can so easily result in inconsistencies after a map is changed.

Hi Georgio,

This is similar to the wildely requested data-driven maps / dynamic groups. It’s requested quite a lot, but is a major change for MapHub so I’m not sure about implementing that yet.