MapHub on a Smartphone


(João Gomes) #1

Hello once again.

I have two questions about MapHub and how it works on Smartphones:
1 - Do you plan on creating an app?
2 - When I open a shared link of a map on a Smartphone, it resets the base map. It works wonderfully on all computers, but I have as base map “Thunderforest-Outdoors” and when I open the link on a phone the map is all there, except that the base map is “MapHub-Classic”.

João Gomes

(Zsolt Ero) #2

Hello João,

Thanks for writing. No mobile app at this point. We’ll work on polishing the web app so that it works well on mobile phones instead.

You issue nr. 2. sounds strange. It really shouldn’t be like this. Does this also happen when you open a map from the Explore page? For example the “Soaringclub Präbichl” one? What mobile phone are you using?