MapHub on a Smartphone

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Hello once again.

I have two questions about MapHub and how it works on Smartphones:
1 - Do you plan on creating an app?
2 - When I open a shared link of a map on a Smartphone, it resets the base map. It works wonderfully on all computers, but I have as base map “Thunderforest-Outdoors” and when I open the link on a phone the map is all there, except that the base map is “MapHub-Classic”.

João Gomes

(Zsolt Ero) #2

Hello João,

Thanks for writing. No mobile app at this point. We’ll work on polishing the web app so that it works well on mobile phones instead.

You issue nr. 2. sounds strange. It really shouldn’t be like this. Does this also happen when you open a map from the Explore page? For example the “Soaringclub Präbichl” one? What mobile phone are you using?

(John Miller) #3

I am using Honor 8X android smartphone. I want to use this app on my smartphone, So can you tell me how can I get it for my smartphone.


I do not understand … does not bother anyone that in the mobile version of the map is absolutely impossible(!) to use if you have enabled the sidebar). The sidebar is very large and there is no button “remove panel”. Please make the button “show/remove” panel in embedded map on mobile devices( of course i mean button for users who view the page).


Hi Maksimon,

Maphub is right now still in the Beta/Developing, it has already done huge steps regarding the mobile use and there is much more incoming, but this takes time :slight_smile:

The panel hide button went on the request list 3 weeks ago. Here is the thread that could be interesting for you:

Greetings Michel

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Looking forward to updates).

(Zsolt Ero) #7

Hi @maksimon and welcome to the forum.

How the embed works on a mobile device it totally to the website’s owner, not to MapHub. If someone creates a very narrow embed and enables the panel, it might not be possible to use, yes. But you can always rotate the phone to landscape mode so the layout is better.

I’ll add the sidebar adjustment buttons to embed view though, so that at least it helps many problems like this.

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I really hope that this is not a “adjustment”). Please let it be “show / hide panel” … something similar to how it is done in the admin panel. Please! This is an important distinction to us!