Location of the panel

Is it possible to change the location of the panel depending on device?
For example, it’s already great to have the panel on the right if using a desktop, but when using a mobile device, is it possible to locate the panel at the bottom. When users scroll up using fingers, the panel show up and take around 2/3 of the screen? otherwise, it’s much narrow and the text on the panel was truncated. Thanks.


Hi Quanzi,

Yes, the mobile UI can be quite hard to use, depending on the size of your device. It’s a great idea to put it in the bottom and not in the side! I’ll consider implementing it in the future! First, there are some more important issues, but I’ll definitely notify you if this gets implemented.

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I’m not sure if I should open a new thread, but it’s also about the panel on mobile devices.
I noticed that embedded maps on mobile devices have no option to change the panel size.
(or I didn’t find the way)

For the mobile usability of embedded maps, it would help a lot.
And maybe loading the map with hidden panel first, looks nicer :slight_smile:

For the embedded version, it’s up to the website owner to configure how the embed looks. When you are creating an embed, you can select to have panel or not.

Since there is so little space when viewing on a mobile device, I recommend clicking the logo and viewing the map from the full page.

Or maybe I don’t understand your problem fully, can you share an example of the embed where it’d be nice to have this?

When you open a map in full page (maphub website), you have the possibillity to push the panel to the right/left. In the last post I attached a picture of that button.
This button is not existing on embedded maps.

For example: I embedded a ‘responsive’ maphub map [width=“100%” height=“555”].
The height of the embedded works good for most mobiles, so I can use the embedded map almost like in fullpage mode.
Except, I didn’t activate the panel option on the embedded because I’m not able to push it to the side.
Hope that explained it better.

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Yes, thanks for the explanation, now it’s clear what you mean! I’ve added it to our feature request list.


Embed panel collapse is now possible. (It’s been possible for a while, but I want to document it here as well.)

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