MapHub Classic map needs an update

hello there, I love maphub and i have created many amazing maps with it,
however the classic map is not accurate in many major cities, the example in the pic is Dubai the Dubai creek somehow does not meet the ocean, I’ve included openstreetmap and google maps to compare
perhaps the classic map is in need for an update
thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Rami,

I totally agree! The MapHub Classic is in dire need of an update. I’m just not doing it because I’ll introduce new Vector maps for MapHub, which means a totally different architecture on the server side. But I’m working on it, it’s just a bigger task.


I understand,
for now I have this problem, I am creating a map for cycle lanes in Dubai to help tourists and expatriates locate and use these tracks. the maphub classic basemap is very old as shown earlier and is very misleading, the other available basemaps appear to be more accurate but they show the street names in arabic only (not in english), which 90% of the people in Dubai can not read
any suggestions, or workarounds ?
thank you for your support :slight_smile:

A brand new MapHub basemap is coming, it just takes some more time! So you’d like to have always English labels, not local language ones?

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yes exactly, i want english labels, no local language ones… and the only basemap that does that at the moment is the MapHub classic and its out dated,
in Dubai case, the official local language is Arabic, but 80% of the population of can not read Arabic,