Issues with Mobile Viewing on Iphone

We created a map and embedded on our website and everything works fine with the desktop site. However with the mobile site it seems to work with Android devices but not on Iphone. Anyone else have these issues?

Hi @Kayla_NFED, thanks for reporting this. I am personally using an iPhone and I didn’t find this problem. Can you tell me a bit more about the error you are experiencing? What part of the map doesn’t work?

I am also using iPhone and I am facing the same issue while viewing this map on my iPhone. I am looking for some guidance about it which will be helpful for me. If you get the solution for its kindly share it with me here.

Hi John, there should be no more issues on mobile phones. MapHub should work well on both iPhone and Android devices. Have a look at the blog post below. If you still have any issues on mobile phone, please explain it a bit more and possibly include a screenshot as well.

Thanks for your reply.
I will must read this guide and share my opinion with you.


Yea, there is something different between android and iphones.

on my android it works, no issues at all.
on iphone, the button to enable the interactive, just doesn’t seem to do much, here’s a video:
eventually it works, but it’s difficult


Hi Nova,

Can you share a link to the webpage which is visible in the video? I can only debug this if I can try the website on an iPhone.


Sure. It’s, about half way down.


Thanks for sharing that, I could reproduce it. I think it’s something on the website which is blocking it, maybe the Google Translate selector or something similar.

Here is a page with nothing but the embed and it always works:

I believe this can only be fixed on your website / theme.