Better Mobile UX & Autoplay

First want to say I am very appreciative of what you did here. One of the only good interactive map services I have found and I did a lot of research. I know you spoke a lot about improving the embedded map over time but any timeline on when we can expect better map experience on mobile (I am looking at iPhone) as well as an autoplay feature so we don’t have issues with clicking the play button. I don’t mind the play button so much but it doesn’t always work on first or second click. Also the custom icon images I added don’t always load, so it defaults to plain map pins.

Our map is here:

We are also interested in custom implementation of this if possible, willing to compensate. Thank you!

Hi Vincent and welcome to the forum.

It seems that there must be a bug in iPhone Safari as I believe you are describing the same behaviour as in Issues with Mobile Viewing on Iphone I’ll check what is happening, possibly it’s related to a new iOS update.

What is exactly the mobile UI related issue you are experiencing? The autoplay click problem is one, but are there any other errors?

Also, if you are interested you can directly insert videos using the following trick:

You need to put this in the description field.

{iframe src=""}

Thanks Zsolt. The other issue is that the custom map icons I chose only load half the time, the other half it is the default map pin icons that load.

Hi, I just wanted to update this thread, Autoplay has been released.

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