How to preserve images

Hallo! Thank you for this wonderful map technology!

The reason I came over here is because I had a lot of maps with google that had images in them and one day the pictures just went blank/black. This happened twice and there is no way to preserve them because everything goes to the Google server. So I went looking for an alternative and found Maphub.

Of course I am still weary of bugs and failures. I have put a lot of time into uploading images to my maps so I was wondering if there is anyway to back them up?


I can also upload the images to my own server. Is there a way to paste html code into the map that allows it to show the images? Like paste it in the description?

Anyway…great work!


Hi Mosa,

You are right that there is no official way to export your images from your maps currently. In the future there’ll probably be a ZIP export which includes all the images and icons, but not many people have asked for it.

You can of course use “linked” images, as explained in this thread:


Hallo Zsolt,

Thank you for getting back to me.

For what it is this is perfect. I have my own server on which I can dump all my pictures. This allows me to have control and make backups myself. Thanks for the code!