Adding pictures to Items

I would like that pictures I have added to my map get shown into the map (like in the example Soaringclub Prablich).
I have uploaded my pics at Imgur and I have linked as per your instructions, but once I click over the link, the image
is shown in a new window, and not in the map. Am I missing some detail? (New window pops-up regardless the size of the
Thanks for your comments and…you’re doing a good job.

Hi P61,

Thanks for your words! You have probably copied the wrong field in Imgur. The one you need is “Direct Link (email & IM)”. Can you try with that?

tried the "Direct Link (email & IM) : unfortunately same result. Image pop-up from another window.
Thanks for any further suggestion.

Can you post your code here? I can try to look at what is wrong with it.

I have created a public map named Padova []
I have added 1 point named "Major’s House"
Into the description box I have pasted this link : [Direct Link (email & IM)]

Since map is public, I hope you can check

Thanks for your help


Thanks for sharing this! So the problem is that the description needs to be in markdown format. The code for image in markdown is a bit strange, ![](img url) code.

So in your case, the code would be:

Sorry for making adding images so technical, I am working on a user friendly photo uploading feature.

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Thank you for your fast reply.
With your code finally it works!

Thanks a lot.

Thanks, I’m happy I could help!

Hi all,

Is there a way to change the size of these embedded pictures?

If I add a few to one marker, they are huge and take over the whole screen.


Hi Jez,

Can you post a screenshot about how it looks? It might be a bug you are encountering, but generally I recommend having one image per point.


Hi Zolt, thank you for your reply.

I agree with you - I do think one image per point is tidier. However in the case where I add two (or potentially 3…), I was wondering if I was doing something wrong.

Here’s an example below:

And then when I click on the marker:

One other question:

Is it possible to change displayed text to a URL?

For example, instead of saying:

Click the following link for further information:

It says:

Click here for further information

And the text itself is hyperlinked?

Yes, multiple images per item isn’t really looking nice at the moment.

Fixing the text on the other hand is quite simple, just do it the Markdown way.


will turn into mylink

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Perfect, thanks!

Is there any way to get the map for mobile phone friendly?

When clicking on a map icon, the black information box that pops up is a bit too big for a mobile phone screen.

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Hi Jez,

Yes, I’m working on making the responsive view a bit nicer on mobiles.


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Great, thanks.

Hello, I was wondering if Flickr images are supposed to work?

I put in this code:
but the image appears broken. Please help!

Hi Socialcfi,

In flickr you need to do the following to get the URL of an image.

  1. Click the download button
  2. View all sizes
  3. Right click on a reasonable size (like 640x), and select “Copy Link Address” or something similar in your browser.

Like this:

Depending on the image this might or might not work, unfortunately.

The good news is that in the next version of MapHub there will be direct photo uploading!

Thanks! Do you know when the next version will be ready? I’d like to use this app for a work project, because I prefer the functionality of this one rather than Google Maps, but it will require images.

Hopefully in less than a month’s time. In the meanwhile you can upload pictures to some image sharing website like and link them as described in this thread.