Doubt with the groups

Hello, a doubt: if I have a map of a region formed by several municipalities (I have COPYED the municipalities in the region).

The changes and updates that I will make in the municipalities … will they automatically upload to the map of the region?


Hi Andreu,

You referring to the “SET GROUP”-option of a group item, right?

Because then you’re right, if you copy the items of a group into another group, the new items are only a copy with the characteristics of the old ones, from the point of copying.

If you make changes to the old item afterwards, the item copy inside the new group will not be synchronized.

I would think this not a bug,
but a kind of “synced-copy / live-copy” sounds like an interesting feature :slight_smile:



@fontsdetramuntana, here is a thread that also apply on this topic i guess:

It’s about assigning more groups to one item:

And maybe this on:

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Hi @fontsdetramuntana

As Michel has said, they are simply copies, like Copy / Paste would work in a desktop program.

What you are probably looking for is data-driven maps, which is a very widely requested feature. It’ll be implemented in the final version of MapHub, but it’s currently not possible.

What you can do now is to delete + copy after each update.