Data suddenly erased

Hi everyone!

I just had a problem with a private map I have… I edited it on my cellphone, clicked on the save button… And for my surprise, when I opened it on my PC some hours after, some layers and paths were deleted!

Is there any way I can restore to the previous version? I keep a log of my Flight Simulator flights on this map, and I lost all the routes’ info so I can’t recreate the map again.

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Ps.: I know that another saving-issue related topic was created a few hours ago, but i considered our issues different enough for me to start a new topic. If not so, I’m sorry for creating a new topic!

same issues :sleepy:

Hi, thanks for letting me know. This is caused by a bug in the most recent release done on Saturday night, I’ve reverted to the last good version and now I’m restoring all maps from the backup.

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The good data has been restored, I’m very sorry for the inconvenience!

Hi Zsolt, thank you! Everything is OK now.