Creating a continuous line while using the navigation keys

Hi all,
New to this tool so very much in the experimentation stages. I am trying to draw a continuous line along a a road which runs for quite a distance. To try and keep the line on top of the road, I have zoomed in quite a lot. I have tried to keep the line continuous by moving the map with the directional/navigation keys. However, the directional/navigation keys don’t seem to work when drawing/editing lines? Is this possible?

Best way to draw a continuous line without having to keep stopping, starting, zooming etc.

Just noticed that this only happens when using my Wacom Digitising Tablet


Hi Neil,

I don’t have a Wacom tablet to test on, but normally this is what I recommend when drawing complex shapes.

  1. Start the shape
  2. Pan using dragging
  3. Zoom using a mouse scroll wheel or touchpad
  4. Add new points on different zoom levels.

An alternative would be to create a “draft” line first, and then use the edit tool to refine it by adding new points and moving existing ones.

Ended up buying a mouse for my laptop. Map almost complete.

Great to hear that! If you are creating a public map and would like to share it, feel free to do so once it’s done!

My map was created especially for my Facebook Group. Where do I share it to?

First I thought you could just paste it here, but I created a thread for this, as I believe it’s a nice to have a look at what each of us created.