Copy Map Icons to Use in Legend?

Hi, I was wondering if there is a place or way to download the icons used in MapHub to use in a legend/info block?


Hi Truc and Welcome to the Forum,

Unfortunately this is not possible right now, at least not in an “official” way.

The unofficial way would be to right click / inspect element on the right side icon list, and copy the url for the icon.

For example this is the icon for the tiger icon on the zoo map:

Then you can insert it like this:

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Thanks Zsolt for the welcome and the quick reply! That works great for me \000/

Hi Zsolt, I’m not sure why but when I right click to inspect the icon, I’m not getting the url for the icon - on my map or the zoo as you used. It seems like there’s some protection from going into the icons, as the code is for the overall dimensions of the map, not the actual icon.

Try it on the sidebar, on the icon selector widget.

I tried earlier but had the same results, unless I’m totally missing it (which could be the case).

Ah, the default icons, unfortunately they are not images. My tip only works for the ones you’ve added.

Anyway, if you make any kind of image (for example in Photoshop you make a custom legend) you can link to it via the markdown trick, like this:

Ah gotcha. That makes sense. I was kind of heading in that direction with creating the legend but thought I’d ask. Thanks again for your help.