Coming from Google My Maps

I think these maps look fantastic. I have a map of all of the construction projects in my city, and it is viewed by a ton of people. I am in the process of moving it (over 200 points) from Google My Maps to MapHub. It would be nice if there were line features (i.e. dashed lines, etc). or embedded YouTube videos, or a better way to “transcode” the My Maps KML data to MapHub, and better image editing features, but I like the responsiveness of these maps much better.

Edit: I really like the simplicity, but I think there could be a few more colors, like white and gray, and some more shapes, like an excavator or something. Essentially I’m trying to recreate this here.

Also, I wish there were an easier way to flip through a bunch of images. If there are many, they form a tall column that requires one to drag the map. I think a square popup with a fluid scroll would be pretty cool, and better than clicking an arrow.

If you could click on an image and it blows up full screen, that would be cool too as I don’t think Google has this feature

At My Maps I also liked the search feature, which was great for finding projects by a certain construction company.


Thanks a lot for your feedback. I try to answer them one by one:

  1. Additional features, like dashed lines, Youtube videos, better photos management: I’m going to make a vote-box where users can vote on what features should be supported next, and see which one is the most important to have it implemented.

  2. Added colors: sure thanks for telling those, I will add them, or even make a color picker!

  3. Shapes / icons: there is a thread here: Will there be more icons to choose from? :-) with links about resources to add icons from. If you pick an icon from there I can add it.

  4. Yes, image organisation is going to be a huge feature, which I’m planning on implementing. I’d like to make it really nice to share and view maps with images.

  5. Search is tricky, as it needs combining with the geo-search, and it’s not simple.

  6. About KML import, I believe it should really be super quick now. Just export KML from My Maps and import to MapHub. Or did you experience any problems?

Organizing items into groups like in Google My Maps is now possible in MapHub. You can read more about it in the following blog post:

Custom icons are now possible on MapHub. You can read about it detail in the following post:

Image uploading has been implemented now with MapHub Images. You can read about it in detail in the following post:

Searching / Filtering of items is now supported on MapHub: