Collaborative qualities

I just discovered this site and I was considering using MapHub for the new cartography we are developing for, wich is a collaborative platform aimed at giving information about the Andes Mountains.
For this, we were hoping to find a way in wich users could upload routes directly into a map (wich now only depends on writen descriptions…), so I was happy to find this site, but apparently this quality isnt developed yet. So, I wanted to ask how soon would this be available and how would it work (if there is already a clear idea of it).
I was looking for a mapping tool that would allow us to review the collaborations before posting them on the web, and if you could explain how that would work with MapHub I would be very greatful since it could determine if we use it for the whole site.


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Hi Tomás,

Your website looks great! What would one route be about? One or a few tracks with points and photos for example?

In this case the best way for a user would be to create a new map, and make it as nice as they can, wouldn’t it? Then you can include it on your website.

Or you imagine all tracks in a single map?

Well, there´s the main map with all the mountains and then there´s a a new map for each acces route (like this one for instance:
What we want is that for each summit, there is one map with all acces routes available displayed as different layers (in the best case), including as much data as possible (images, landmarks, warnings, etc…).
Since its a collaborative platform, people can upload GPS tracks and writen descriptions, but right now its all kind of confusing, so we were hoping to develop an easy way for users to create new routes and letting them add whatever they think is necessary, while having some contol over what is published at the end.

The best example for what we have in mind is, but this site only allows point marks, so we´ve kept looking.

OK, I think I understand your problem, and was thinking about it.

Here is how you could do this with MapHub.

  1. Allow users to upload - create their own maps on MapHub. One map per route. They can add all points, labels, etc. to the map as they wish.
  2. Once they are happy with the map, they send you a link to the map and you review it.
  3. You export it to GeoJSON and import it to your account as:
  • big map
  • individual maps

Tell me if anything isn’t clear. The key is to use GeoJSON to export and import the map.

I’m working on adding layer support, as it’s a frequently asked feature.