How can I allow others to contribute to my map?

Hi, what a great app this is!
Simple to use, nice graphics, adjustable icons,…
All I was looking for :slight_smile: !
One question though: how can I allow others to add markers + info to my map?

We’re a group of people (approximately 2000) with lots of different initiatives being organized on different locations, where everyone of this group could participate. So it would be really nice if people who receive a link (or click on a link that is posted in a hidden facebook group) can add to the map, marking their initiatives.

thanks in advance!

Hello Joost,

welcome to the maphub community!

“Collaborative maps” is the keyword you’re looking for :slight_smile:
As Zsolt (the founder) mentioned, collaborative maps is one of the highest priorities right now, so hopefully this is good news for you:

Here are some more threads regarding this:



Hi Joost,

Yes, exactly as Michel said this is what we call collaborative maps, and is the most important feature now. I’ll update when this gets implemented.

Hi Michel,
thanks! nice to have the right key word :-). That’s exactly what I’m looking for.
In the mean time Zsolt also replied, so I’ll just keep my eye in this thread and the updates.
Thanks for showing me around!

best, Joost

Ah, great, Zsolt! Looking forward to that moment :slight_smile: -)…

Great that you’re doing this!
I’ve started sharing my little map and have received a bunch of very enthusiastic reactions already.
And I expect that enthusiasm to grow when people can contribute by themselves.


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Any update on the collaborative maps? Also, any idea yet on when this service may go to a stable version and be out of beta. Im really liking in compared to all the other options out there. Thanks!