Adding multiple pictures to a location

I’m using Map Hub as a tool to complete my school project. However, I’ve noticed some major issues with the app.
My biggest concern is the lack of the possibility to attach multiple pictures to one location. Maybe only I don’t know whether that option exists. Could someone possibly provide me with information about uploading many pictures.
I look forwad to any help - I’m working around the clock here…

Hi Jasniedz,

With the built in images it is not possible. That is designed for one image per item. What you can do however is to use the old Markdown syntax, that’d allow you to attach multiple images.

Have a look in the old thread about how to do it:


Hi Zsolt Ero,
thank You for the advice, it really works. However, I would also like to ask if there is a possibilty of centering these pictures, so that they look a liitle bit more organised.
Thanks once again! Looking forward to your reply.

The popup was really designed with uploaded images in mind, and unfortunately with Markdown images we have much less control about how they are displayed. But if you make a public map demonstrating the problem I’d be happy to have a look.

Hi There,
to demontrate my problem, I can use my project map as an example. It is a public map called ‘Wawer map’. All the names of the locations are in Polish, but I hope that is not a problem. I would be really thankful if you had a look.