Zoom to group


(Henrik Leth Jørgensen) #1

Is there a way to zoom to group level?

At this map I have made 2 groups

One with hiking tours and one with locations.
Clicking on one hiking tour the map will zoom to this tour. But I would like to have the possibility to zoom to se an entire group just by clicking on this group.
If it is already implemented I just haven’t found it yet.

Indicators for groups and subgroups
(Zsolt Ero) #2

You are right, it’s indeed not yet supported. I guess the best solution would be to make the “Show All” button zoom to the group, if a group is selected.

I’ll try to implement something for this.

(Henrik Leth Jørgensen) #3

Something that would also work for me, to produce the same result, is an opaque shape.
In the mentioned example I could create an invisible shape around the area I would like to zoom to, and then by clicking this item I can get to the correct zoom level.