"X"- close option available on the open pop-up location box?

Hi guys,

First of all I am new in here and thank you for accepting me as part of your community

I really appreciate :+1: your entire work and I found MapHub one of the best way to build a map for my website with such of user friendly interface and looking perfect for our visitors too

I am in progress of building :hammer::axe::wrench:my soul project right now a Travel Guide Blog dedicated to those which they are use caravans or campers as I am one of this kind of traveler all around the world

At this point I am looking to insert a map with all camping’s, off-camping, food and highlights places and actually I did created part of the map already and embedded into my site really happy and thanks to your platform
For my project I will probably need your support in few additions if possible and first I found very useful an “X”-close option in open pop-up location info box same as is having one the description-info box. As now you have to click right next on the map in order to have it close which is not a big deal using computer but can be tricky when map is used on the phones as the box might cover entire small display :blush:

Thank you once again, and looking forward for your support and hope for this add-on


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Hi there,

don’t want to push but just came into my mind to add a print screen on what I was thinking about as the add-on in regarding the option to close the pop-up box of the location while opened


It used to be like this, exactly as you have imagined. The problem was the users thought they have to click on it, what is simply not needed. So users were all clicking and clicking on the x, which is note really a nice experience.

Hi Zsolt,

Thanks a lot for your reply, however that’s a bit strange, which kind of user which they are able to use a map will not know what “x” is stand for :slightly_smiling_face:
In fact they have to use it in order to close the open location box and to choose another one … it might be that they click on the wrong one right next to the desired one
As I said if you have a small smart phone (i.e. Iphone 5,6,7) and you want to use the map once you have opened a location box if there is a picture and a bit text will be very hard to find a spot with a big finger to click on the map for have it closed (do a test or colleagues here on comunity can come with a fedback)
Hope you will double review this option, for me looks like common sense to have it
Thank you

Hi Sebastien,
maybe I found the problem.
In your case it’s about your embedded Map on your website.
It seems that the embedded iframe on your website is enlarged. Maybe 120% zoom or something, if that exists :slight_smile:
When you open your maphub on mobile via maphub.net, you have more map space next to the pop-up.

Greetings, Michel

PS: Amazing map you created so far!

-You can always close a pop-up by clicking the icon of the item. (item pin)
-@hyperknot I would like to link my “The activation of polygon labels and the mapclick-to-close habit”-thread again, but I don’t want to link it so often :wink:

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Hi Michael,

Thanks fo your reply and appreciation of my map :slight_smile: is still under construction have like 10.000 items more to add :slight_smile:
Looks like you have right and when I open the map on mobile via maphub looks much better and different

I am going to check the embed settings and to see what is the best option to have it add on my website

Any ideea will be much appreciated :slight_smile: (I build the website with Wix)

Best regards, Sebastien

Hi all,

Do you think can I have a bit support on this matter as I did tried everything and looks that I had no luck on inserting the map on my website

I did tried to embed the code as iframe but from some reason the responsive is not working as should on the mobile view (i can adjust the sizes but still I do not have it work proper)

I did tried to add the web url of the map but from some reason WIX did not want to open it and I did tried with some different url’s which are working just fine

Of course I would like to have the map embed on my site but via web link can be an option too at this point

Please help

Hi Sebastien,

Did you manage to solve this issue? In my experience a direct link always provides much better experience on mobile, as the MapHub interface can use 100% of the small screens. On desktop embed is usually usable.