Will there be more icons to choose from? :-)


First of all, thank you guys so much for making this awesome map-system.
it’s really great :slight_smile:

I would be even more awesome, if there were a bit more icons to choose from when editing pins :slight_smile:
Specifically I’m looking for a “Campfire site” icon and an “Activity” icon - and maybe also a “primitive campsite” or “Shelter” icon. And maybe also a “fire wood” icon.

Right now I am using the map for showcasing the activities and buildings at a scout centre here in Denmark.
So, that is why I am looking for these in particular :slight_smile:

Are there any plans for expanding the icon-pack?

But thanks again, guys - MapHub really rocks :slight_smile:

Bjørn Eidnes


Hi Bjørn,

I’m happy that you find MapHub useful! Yes, I can add any icon you’d like, but can you possibly list or attach a few icons you would like? Ideally the best would be a name - image pair for each of them.

I cannot promise that I’ll use the exact same icon, but I’ll look for a Creative Commons or BSD/MIT licensed icon which I can include. One example set is the Maki icon pack by Mapbox.

Hi hyperknot
Thanks for the quick reply. So happy that you are welcoming the idea of more icons to choose from :slight_smile:

I found some icons here, that could be very nice:


In the maki-set:


Thanks again :slight_smile:

/Bjørn Eidnes

Hi Bjørn,

Just a tiny bit later :slight_smile: , but I’ve added the new icons! Have a look at if you need anything else!

Thank you so much :slight_smile: I’ve have now implemented some of them on my map :slight_smile:


Hi Bjørn,

Will you please add the following icon?

Bookshop: http://fontawesome.io/icon/book/
Library: https://material.io/icons/#ic_local_library

Thank you!


Hi Lucian

I’m am not able to add any icons - I am just a normal user of MapHub. You should ask hyperknot who is the creator of MapHub :slight_smile:


Hi Lucian,

Yes, I will add them!


Thank you!


Ahha, I must be too excited!
hyperknot is our hero. Cheers.

Hi Lucian,

I added them!

Hi hyperknot,
Just wondering if there is a way to number the items? (Or include icons with numbers?)

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Yes, label is exactly for this purpose. You can type in anything, including simple numbers.

Yes, but I would like the item itself to have a number if that is possible. So I could refer to an item using a number and someone could find it easily on the map without having to click each item open. Does that make sense? It would be great if you could add your own numbers as an “icon” on the item so you can see them all on the map at once.

I made a note about them and if more users would also like to have them then I’ll add it.
My problem is that if we add all numbers, why not add all letters as well, and then we have a crazy amount of icons to choose from. The UI needs to be simple, so it’s tricky to implement it well.


I find that numbering the items or including items with numbers is very necessary, I have found myself needing this feature a few times, especially when I want to export the map as a .jpg and not interactive.

Has there been any progress or decision on this matter?


Hi Ainhoa! What kind of numbering would you prefer? 1-10 or 1-100 inside a marker?

Hello Zsolt! I would prefer 1-100. I’m working with ranges larger than 10.

Thank you!!

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I’ll look into how is it possible to put numbers 1-100 into such a small icon, it’s a bit tricky but definitely possible.

Hi Hyperknot,

I was wondering if symbols could be added to represent the military, police, an NGO, an international organisation, and private companies.

Below are the ones that were provided elsewhere but MapHub’s mapping system is just so much better, so would be amazing to have these extra symbols if possible.

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