Why have all my maps suddenly become PRIVATE?

I notice that all my maps, which were PUBLIC, have suddenly become PRIVATE! Perhaps this change was caused by a request from GitHub (where I host my website that includes links to my MapHub maps) that I needed to generate a new “personal access token” (which I did) but I don’t know why/if that would trigger a change to MapHub access…

In any case, is there some way to globally chance the access for all my maps back to PUBLIC, or will I have to make the change manually to each map (which will take quite a bit of work)?


Hi Wayne,

I’ve just checked your maps and all of them are on public visibility, except 3. Where do you see that they become private?

Best regards,


Very odd! When I initially posted this question I’m sure that most (if not all) of my maps were marked PRIVATE. I confirmed this by logging in as a different user and noting that I could not access those maps. Now, however, as you point out, my maps are once again PUBLIC. (I found two PRIVATE maps which MAY have been the ones that I manually changed from PRIVATE to PUBLIC.) I haven’t done anything since posting my question that should have changed the access level. Very odd, but at least the maps are now PUBLIC as desired!

Thanks very much for your help,

I don’t know what could have caused those not to show up, I can definitely say that these permissions cannot change on their own. I’m happy it works now.