White area when magnified

hi! there is often a white square in a particular region in my map whenever I magnify it. (no similar problems in nearby places in the same city). Originally I thought it’s just loading the region, but it still happened after several times of reopening the map and changing map styles. How to make the place appear in my map? thanks!

Hi @hahahaha

These erros usually happen when your internet connection has some kind of problems to the server. Are you by any change on a 3G/4G mobile connection?

Also, probably this connection error was just temporary, but if it persist, can you report back?

I have tried opening the map in different places with good internet connection (using wifi on my Mac) on different days but the problem still persists.

It’s really funny reading your replies starting with hahahaha :slight_smile: Can you point me to the area where it happens? For example you can make a map showing just that area and send a link to it.

:smile: i have created a map which u can find the white area around the map pins when u magnified to 1cm=500km.

Thanks for reporting it. Unfortunately this area has broken data and there is nothing I can do with it. All I can recommend you is to use different basemaps for this area.