Where do I edit account information?

I can’t find a page for editing my account information. Is that still in the works? Would it be possible to delete my account so I create another one?

Hi Peso!

What would you like to edit in your account? Username or email address? We are working on allowing you to change account information and to delete account as well.


Hi Zsolt,

For now I’d just like to delete my account if you cannot edit it at this moment. Eventually features that would be nice are (in rank of importance at the top):

  • Delete Account
  • Change Password
  • Edit email address
  • Edit Username (This one depends on your user design, so not really that much of an issue but it would be nice)


I agree, all three of them are important! We’ll implement all of those, probably in the order you’ve asked.

About password change, you can do it by asking for a password recovery email. It’s not convenient, but allows you to do it until we have a proper dialog for it.

About username, we can support changing it, but then all the old URLs would be broken, so we have to warn the user about it.

Hi, i was going to ask about this. Because i would like to be able to edit the “name” so i can have a better URL for each map instead of having my account name.


I would like to know if I can change the photo/avatar or whatever is called in my profile?

How can I change my username on my maphub.net account


I have finished implementing the requested changes related to accounts. I’m testing this version now, and deploy it tomorrow. It allows you to do all these from a web interface.

In the meanwhile, if you’d like it urgently, you can email me at info@maphub.net from your verified email address.

It’ll look like this:

Account management options have been implemented! It is now possible to:

  • Change username
  • Change email
  • Change password
  • Deleting your account

You can read more about it in this blog post:

Right now, the avatar picture is using Gravatar. You can upload a photo for your email address here:


Wow! This is so cool that I got an email that you implemented this! Kudos!!