When embedding map to a website can we have the pins positioned via the application code

I wanted to know that if I embed the map in my application, would I be able to add the pins and different components from a JSON from backend server. Or can I just add and place them on the map and then embed that map in the website, so any changes on the map would have to be done manually

Hi Naajil,

Thanks for your question. So the most important information that embeds are always live and up-to-date. No matter what you do with the map, the website will always show the latest version.

Now, about how to update a map server side, there is a currently very basic API, which supports server side uploads and appends. It doesn’t currently support updating of the map with different information, but if you’d like that feature I can add it to the feature requests list.

You can read the docs for the current API: http://docs.maphub.net/api/api.html