What is the correct copyright acknowledgement for JPEGs?

Hi team, great product, well done.

I need to know what copyright notice to add to downloaded images of maps placed on my site.

I want to use the JPEG option rather than the embed.

When I save my map, click share and then the JPEG download option, the image that downloads doesn’t carry with it the copyright notice that appears online (neither does it carry any text added to the map for some reason).

I guess I could add the copyright line that appears on the online map to the alt tag for the image. That line reads “Geocoding by Mapzen, © Thunderforest © OpenStreetMap contributors” but it would be far better if the images had a copyright stamp on them.

Failing that, what copyright notices do I need to add to the JPEG?



It has to be probably the oldest thread ever, but I wanted to post that this has now been implemented correctly. When downloading an image, a dialog opens, telling you exactly what attribution text do you need to include when using that image. It’s not stamped onto the image, as users should have the freedom to decide the layout / styling of the attribution text.