What does "Advanced embedding" actually give me?

Probably a stupid question, and it certainly feels like an obvious one, but I can’t find the answer anywhere…

What exactly does Advanced Embedding (in the Hobbyist plan) give me that the Free version doesn’t?

Does the Business Plan add any more embedding features, apart from the Autoplay?

Some background: I’ve been working on a “poetry map” of our city for a local charity. They get a map with points; clicking on a point reveals a poem about that location. It all ties into a book that’s just been published. Both are the result of a “Poet on the High Street” project, where a poet spent several months at various locations in the town centre, talking to locals and getting their stories and memories, then writing poems inspired by those memories - or in some cases encouraging them to write the poems themselves.

I’d like to tie down what users can do with the map because:

(a) I want to keep it nice and simple for users to understand, so I’d like to strip out any features they don’t need. All they need to do is scroll and zoom round a map of the city, clicking on markers and viewing poems. They don’t even need to change which basemap they’re using. (Ideally I’d like the Autoplay function but I don’t think the client’s budget will stretch to Business.)

(b) I don’t really want to allow people to download all the data, as it includes the text of all the poems.

So it would be useful to know whether the Hobbyist plan will help me with this.



Hi Andy and welcome to the forum,

Have a look at the Embed wizard and play with the different options. When some option is not available for your plan, it’ll show a message saying “Upgrade required”. This way you can see exactly what is and isn’t in the Free plan.

Currently only the “Features” tab is not allowed and the Autoplay, so as long as you are ok without geolocation and directions button, you should be good on the Free plan. One limitation though is the “Disable download” functionality, for which you’d need hobbyist.

In the future, linking to items/groups would also be part of the Hobbyist plan.