What about translation to other languages?

Are there any plans for translations user`s side to other languages? There’s just a few words). I can help with Russian.


If it comes to it, just let me know and i can help with a swedish translation. :slight_smile:



Hi and thanks for your kind offers. It’s nice to know that there is need and possibly help for the translations. Once it’s time to offer multiple languages and I need help, I’ll revive this thread.


In the meanwhile, Chrome-s built in translator works well for many use cases.
Just right click on a white area of the side bar and click “Translate to …” and it’ll be translated.


Just wanted to bring this topic back to see if it was in the pipeline to be developed.

As of right now i guess the workaround would be to have to make 2 separate maps one for each language if we wanted the locations to be in different languages?

Is there a limit to how many maps we have embedded, will there ever be once it is no longer in beta?

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I support the idea of having multiple languages to choose from. But, not all people use Chrome and it often translates badly (especially when two words are synonyms in the language that is translated to). Having about 5 languages to choose from would be very nice. But, what languages?

I want to bring this topic up again to ask whether there are any plans on adding translations to other languages yet.
Edit: I can translate to Ukrainian.

I can help translating to German, Norwegian or Spanish.

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Thanks for offering help! Translating the whole website would be a huge work though.

It is definitely possible in the future, but right now the important issues are the ones coming up regularly (group-in-group, data-based map, fix editor bugs, etc.)

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