Viewing a map whilst you're out in the stix

I’ve found a collection of maps which will help me in a forthcoming trip. I’ll be out of internet range for 99% of the time, and that is exactly where all the best places are found…
Is it possible to download a map to my Android tablet so that I could use the map without a network connection?
Incidentally, this is my maiden post, so hello there.
I’ve been an internet guru in my time, but at my age, I can barely remember my phone number.
So, try to keep things simple, please.

Hello Swiftly,

I was an avid Android user when I started MapHub, and I wrote the KML and GPX export functionality with Locus Maps application in mind. That application can download offline maps from OpenAndroMaps and import MapHub maps via KML.

Here are the required steps:

  1. Install Locus Maps:
  2. Go to any MapHub map and click Share / KML on your Android device.
  3. When offered choose to open the KML file with Locus

That’s it, you have the map data downloaded on your device, working 100% offline.

I also recommend you to install offline vector maps for your trip, the best resource is OpenAndroMaps:

I’m getting along well with Locus Maps, thank you.
I presume that installing offline vector maps will give me a better map resolution?
I’m running short of device storage in my tablet, but I have a huge SD card. I’ll migrate the kml files to the SD. And the vector maps, if that will work.

Hi Swifty, yes I recommend installing vector maps in Locus. Locus can use them from SD card. Just follow the OpenAndroMaps project for instructions about how to download the render themes and the vector maps.

The MapHub maps themselves use very tiny amount of space, a few Kilobytes usually. Vector maps are the big ones, can be up to Gigabyte in size.

Locus also has a nice forum: