Various Suggestions (Dashed lines, reorder items, groups, image upload..)

Hello MapHub!

I have started using MapHub after testing dozens of online maps without success, including Google My Maps.
The reason why I chose MapHub was because I can import many gpx layers and create one very big map with my travel plans (while google only allows up to 10 layers).

I am hoping that MapsHub, since it’s still Beta, will improve significantly in the future, these are my solid suggestions:

Add dashed or dotted line. I suggest this because when I am planning my routes, some are ambiguous, maybe I’d like to add a dotted line to differentiate a flight/train from cycling. It make the map more clear instead of using only colors, and this would be the first map online to have this feature, good to stand out!

Reorder the items. This has been requested in the forums before, and I’d like to give my support this basic feature. When mapping my routes, I am facing constant edits, and reordering the items helps with making the sequence clearer, since most routes follow a chronological order or a geographical sequence.

Grouping items. This is extremely helpful once you begin having many items on the list. I’d like to have the markers on one group and the routes on another group. It makes the maps so much more clear!

Toggle items On/Off. I usually have more that one route on this map, like alternative routes. Toggling them off so that the main route is visible makes the reading of the map easier and vice-versa. Also handy for hiding the markers off the map for various reasons.

Image upload. When mapping my routes, I add a ton of markers (or Point of Interest, POI), and since they are in foreign locations, it’s hard to memorize all the locations marked, by adding a picture for each marker, I’ll have a good idea what the location is like.

Thank you developing this app, I hope to be able to keep using it. I’m looking forward to it!


By the way, I am using MapHub to plan my next bike touring adventure that spans Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Sahara and Mauritania. After my adventure, I also have intentions of registering the routes cycled in MapHub.

Hi @loistouring, thanks for giving MapHub a try and for giving such a detailed feedback!

The good news is that all your requested items are very high on our todo list, as many people have asked for the exact same features! So they will be implemented in the next releases.

(Images are already possible via markdown, but that’s a bit technical. There will be proper image uploading in the future!)

Also congrats for your trip!

Reordering items, groups and visibility have now been implemented in MapHub. You can read more about it in the following blog post:

Image uploading has been implemented now with MapHub Images. You can read about it in detail in the following post:

Hi ,
Could you explain how you create various layers ?

Do you mean groups? There is an icon in the lower right corner saying “New Group”.