Using JPG metadata to set titles/captions for pictures added to a map?


I’m using the camera icon to add GPS-tagged pictures to a map. This approach seems to work well EXCEPT when the picture is displayed the caption seems to be the file name of the picture with the date appended. This is not generally what is wanted! I’d much prefer for the caption to extracted from the metadata stored in the picture itself (similar to the way that the GPS data is obtained from the metadata.)

QUESTION: Is there some metadata data item I can set that will then be used to caption a picture? Otherwise, I have to manually enter the title for each picture - quite a tedious job!


Hi Wayne,

I’ve never seen a photo which has caption in metadata, but I’m more than happy to add it. Can you send me a sample image which has this caption? You can send it via email to


There is now support for using the description field if present.