Use Iframe on map

Hi, I would like to be able to use iframes on the map. I have already added webcam images very nicely, however having the weather and other info displayed would be fantastic as well. Can you let me know how to embed a webpage, or content below the current image.


I’ll look into the iframes, but what sizes would you like to display?

The sizes may be customizable, but the biggest that fits in the “pop up box” on the map would be great, just to avoid link clicking…


Right now the images are displayed as max. 300px width, and you asked in the other thread if we can make them bigger. I guess for iframes you’d prefer bigger than 300px, wouldn’t you?

That would be ideal, but whatever is best for your coding.

Any follow up info for the status of using Iframes?

@raveneyephoto custom iframe code, as well as much higher resolution photo display has been implemented in the new release.

You can read more about it in this blog post: