Use a map screenshot for a "commercial project"?

Hello, so i’am doing with a little team. A website for the father of one of the team member that own a boat transport in madagascar.
Its a little buisiness

So i would like to use only a screenshot from a part of the map to use on the website ( as i like a lot one of the map skin )

Is something like that is allowed ? in doing so is there particular credit to grant ( beside saying from where it come from ? )
OR is it better to “reproduce” the map style with PS or else like that we really own the work ?:thinking:

If anyone have precise info abouts such situation i would gladly read them to do things correctly.


Hello Laurent and Welcome to the forum.

You can use the images or screenshots of the maps as you like, including for commercial projects. The only condition is that you’ll need to include the “Attribution” text next to it on a website or in a print material. You can see this text when you click Download / Image.

For example here:

Oh !
Didn’t even noticed the download static image, i just did a quick screen part capture and used that for now ( as nothing is live and we still working on the site )

But alright then, no issue to add that :slight_smile:

thanks for the answer and information !

Everything is open-source, no credit is needed.

It’s not strictly true. OpenStreetMap is open source, but they do especially ask for giving them credit.
Details can be found on this page: OpenStreetMap

We require that you use the credit “© OpenStreetMap contributors”.

Thank you for the clarification.

Is there a way to download the static image from the API?

Hi Tincho and Welcome to the Forum,

Not currently, but if this is needed for your project I’m happy to add it.

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Yes, it would help me a lot to have that feature. Is it possible to also control the Zoom of the static image via API? Do you estimate when it could be to obtain the static image through the API?

Thank you very much in advance for the answer!