Use a map for reservations

I need to build a map that is used for real time reservations, think public pavilions for party and picnic use. I like what I see here, but that isn’t a use case I’ve found yet. Am I at the right place?

Hi Dean - from my experience using Maphub, it doesn’t have a reservation function, though you could of course create a map of pavilions. Maybe you need a booking system with associated map, rather than the other way around? Here’s a search, just out of interest

Hi Dean and Welcome to the Forum,

MapHub maps are created by an editor and are read-only for the public. If you’d like to show the state of reservations, you can include iframes, like this:

{iframe src=“” height=“300”}

Of course the URL has to point to a website which shows the reservation state of each property.

For making a reservation, the best bet is to include a link which directs the user to the reservation system.