Unicode labels and more attributes for groups

Would be great if the title tag could be unicode, so you can use emojis.
If you build a map with items around the world it’s useful to use the emoji flags, so you can easily see the country of an item or group.

It is also very helpful, if the groups can have more attributes than just the title.
To describe a group the attributes description and link from items would help if they are on a group too.
The description and the link could be displayed on the info tab.

Hi Psych and welcome to the forum.

Normally unicode characters are not cleaned, as many of MapHub maps contains characters with unicode characters (just look at https://maphub.net/JacobJohansen/Japan for example).

Now you are right that emoji characters seem to be stripped. I’ll look into why is this happening, it’d indeed be nice to have emoji support.

Now about group related issues, can you explain it a bit more? What do you mean by “link”?

An item has 3 attributes (title, description and link). A group has only the title attribute.

On my map, i have some lifeboat institutions with their stations. The website from a station I can set in an item, but the website from the institution itself i can’t set in the group.

I understand your problem better now. You are right that groups don’t have those fields, and the reason is that the UI in view mode is really not designed to show something for groups. Also in embed mode there wouldn’t be any way to show that information.

Still, I’ll keep in mind that there is a need for this and I’ll try to come up with a solution next time there is a redesign.