Unable to locate the embed wizard

I have just signed up and started to create a map. I would like to now embed it into my website. Going through the various topics in the forum, I see several references to a “Embed Wizard”. On my page I do not see it. I have “Map” “Item” and “Basemap” tabs only.
Would someone be able to provide me with a html template that I could use to move this over?

Appreciate the time and any response.

Hi and Welcome to the Forum,

It’s under the Export button. But thanks for your report, if this is not an easy to find place I’ll be moving it out to the Map tab!


Got it!
Thanks. I thought the export was specifically for data and therefore didn’t try it…
For anyone else who is looking for it, here is an image.

Thanks to the feedback here, the Embed button has been moved over to the Map tab.