Transferring data from Google MyMaps (KMZ)

Hi, New to here. I have ~900 place markers in MyMaps which I would like to transfer over to Map Hub. In Google they are divided by subject, e.g. places to visit, restaurants, breweries, etc. Of course, when they transfer over they are done so as one group and are not separated. That is the 1st problem.

The 2nd problem is that when they transfer to here they are not in alphabetical order. Therefore going down the list multiple times to find members of each group is practically impossible.

Google allows me to export the data in a KMZ file only, not KML. I thought I could import the data into a spreadsheet and sort it that way, and then import it into MapHub, but my spreadsheet says the data is corrupt, most likely because the KMZ has placeholders in it (KML does not).

So…right now I am hoping that there is some way to convert the KMZ file into KML for a spreadsheet. Or, even use a 3rd party map application which allows me to sort the data and then export it to MapHub. Or perhaps I am missing something and MapHub allows me to sort it and I don’t see it?

Any suggestions, as you can see, is greatly appreciated. I so want to get out of Google clutches!

Hi Barry and welcome to the forum.

I made MapHub with Google MyMaps import in mind, so I hope to make sure it works for your usecase.

I made a test map in MyMaps and in the export settings it allows you to select individual layers, isn’t that available for you?

Also it allows you to export as KML.

Hi Zsolt,
Thanks for your reply. Damn, I should have written you about 3 hours earlier! I feel stupid missing that drop-down as I tried every work-around I could think of! :slight_smile:

Wonderful site you put together- thanks. I look forward to using it. Just as an fyi there is inconsistency between the number of items I have on MyMaps and how many transfer over. I am almost certain it is with Google but just thought I’d let you know. For example, I have 410 restaurants listed in MyMaps but there are 279 in Maphub. Also, I have 672 places to visit in MyMaps and 496 here in Maphub. I downloaded kml files. Strange, eh? Have you heard of this before?

Thanks again for the help.


For the differing number of items, could you check how many get imported to:

Sometimes importing it to Google Earth Pro and saving it from there helps a lot.