The fate of the uploaded images


(igor makovsky) #1

Hi, sir)

Where does the uploaded images are kept?

  1. I want to make a backup of all the images I’ve uploaded to the map — how can I do it?
  2. In case I delete a point with a photo — do you keep it somewhere or delete it?

Sometimes I create a map and pass it to a client — and i want to be sure, that the initial phase being kept safely

— I.

(Zsolt Ero) #2

Hi Igor,

These are valid questions! The images are stored locally on the MapHub server. They are not uploaded to any 3rd party service.

When you delete them, they get scheduled for deletion and after a few days they will get removed from the server.

Now, getting an archive .zip file with all images isn’t simple, but I think it’s reasonable feature request and I’ll work making this feature.

(igor makovsky) #3

understand. thanks