The activation of polygon labels and the mapclick-to-close habit

I just experimented with some polygons, it’s a nice tool!

One thing I noticed:
I always use a click into the map for closing item labels (pop-ups*), if there is a polygon area behind an item label, the click opens at the same time the polygon label and center the map on it.

My recommendation:
It would be nice, if the first click into a polygon area closes current activated labels.

(and on mobile, the first click next to a label should not activate any other items.)



One thing I missed, you can close an item (pop-up) by clicking their own icon.
That’s really helpful to know, if you use it on mobile phones.

What do you think about an icon transformation:
If you open an item, the icon changes to a “close sign” or something similiar.

Here are some images I took from my phone:

This shows the normal close point for me
(btw, to the right of the icon is a polygon area :slight_smile: )

And here would be an example of my idea:


+the icon of the activated item should always be on top of all other icons.

Also, it would be nice, if you can close an item by clicking the item in the side panel.
(But I think that was mentioned before already, if I remember right.)**

Best regards,

I think I found the thread I remembered.