Text boxes which remain on display

I would like to export my map while displaying some of the text which I have created for some of the features.
For example Strathmiglo Biodiversity Village by Strathmiglo · MapHub
On this map I have “Wildlife Corridors”
I would like to display an explanation of what is meant by a Wildlife Corridor.
I have “Edible Trail” and I would like to display an explanation of what an edible trail is and so on.

A little like a legend, but not.

So it would be the ability to add simple text boxes.

I would like to do this so that I could export it with the explanations on display.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Patrick,

This level of customisation is not available on MapHub. You can export your map into a high resolution image and use apps like https://www.photopea.com/ to edit the image according to your needs.

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Thanks for the response. I’ll give that a try.