(Suggestion) Clover effect

Hello everyone, this is my firs post :smiley: (Sorry if it has been previously discussed, I did not find anything in my search.)

I’m working on a map about service provider networks, but some providers have between 2 or 3 “minions” :sweat_smile: and I was looking for each “minion” to have its own card with all the information.

My idea is to have an option so that in these cases a clover effect can be created, avoiding the problem of several icons over others.

Something like this:

Please let me know what do you think! :vulcan_salute:


i think thats realy cool

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Hi Andres and welcome to the forum! This is a great solution to your problem user experience wise, but from what I see it’s very complicated to implement it in a universal way.

As other features are asked by so many users, which are long waiting, I cannot promise this will be implemented in the near future.

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