Strange issue when viewing the map via the Facebook app on Android

This might be more Facebooks issue but is rather annoying.
My map ties in closely with a Facebook group so many uses view this from links within Facebook posts when you do this from the Facebook Android App the Map page like all others opens within the App not the phone’s browser. (This is the default App behaviour but can be changed to use the external browser)
The issue is that although the map and items display correctly when an item is selected the popup and text content display no linked image does.

This is a specific Facebook App issue the map is fine on other browsers but it very much cripples the maps use in my usage for my mobile uses.

This is the map if anyone’s got any thoughts on a workaround?

Right after a bit of thinking out of the box I have sorted out what causes it.

The Facebook App does not like none SSL secured domains and block links to images hosted on them, adding the required SSL to the domain and changing the link to HTTPS sorts it out.

I seem to spend a lot of time battling the way Facebook works but Hey-Ho!


Hi Gary,

I never had a Facebook app installed on my phone as I prefer to just use the browser version, but I’ll install and have a look.

Was the issue only that images had to be linked with https:// websites?

Yes that’s it, the problem is with unsecured HTTP links but not with HTTPS links, I would suspect this is likely to be the Faceboook App’s approach to what it thinks is a security issue?


Yes, more and more browsers are enforcing security rules like only allowing HTTPS images on HTTPS websites. In the coming MapHub image upload it’ll be working out of the box.

Image uploading has been implemented now with MapHub Images. You can read about it in detail in the following post. All of these images are hosted on HTTPS so there should be no problem with Facebook apps.