Simplify map functionality disappeared


One of my favorite features is the “simplify map” thing, however, I can’t find it anymore! It was working last week. Now, my maps that were simplified are still that way, but I can’t apply that feature to other maps. It was supposed to be in the info menu…

Anyways, thank you for sharing such a great platform with us, I bet it’s not easy to maintain (especially as being freeware)…

Hi Arthur,

Nothing changed, I moved it to the item tab as many people were asking how to make icons display as dots. Now its here:



Thanks, Zsolt!

Edit: I was saying that the previous was better as I could change many items in a row, only now I actually tried it and noticed that it didn’t change, good :slight_smile:

Yes, the behaviour is exactly as it was before, it only got moved over to the other tab.

Hello @hyperknot this feature is not available to me as I cannot find it in my account not even in the Item tab. Has it officially been removed?

Hi Imma, welcome to the maphub forum!

You must first select an item on your map, then it will be available beneath the icon picker.
Hope that works :slight_smile:

Ah! thank you very much @Michel that worked perfectly!
I am hoping MapHub thinks of adding a “clustering” functionality for the icons :blush:

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