Show all item titles (default)


first of all a big compliment - I love the idea of MapHub! :slight_smile:

My question: Is there any possibility to show all item titles without clicking on them?

It would be also great to have a Company, Start-Up and Tech Icons :computer:


Hi Isabel,

Thanks for your kind words. Are you referring to the popups (black area with white text when you click on an item?)

Can you recommend some icons from the following collections?


yes I’m referring to the popups, if I want to show the map in an “non-interactive” way it would be useful to see all item informations without clicking on them.

I recommend the rocket-15 icon (Maki), the computer & business icons (both from material icons).


Hi Isabel,

OK, in a non-interactive way, it might actually make sense! Right now MapHub is optimised for interactive viewing but it might definitely be an interesting option to open all popups.


Custom icons are now possible on MapHub. You can read about it detail in the following post: